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With a KRS library card, AHS and Covenant Health staff can:



Alberta Health Services Staff

AHS staff can apply for a library card by filling out the registration form below.

Please save this form to a secure location and choose one of the following:

  • Attach the completed form to an email and send to
  • Print out the form and drop it off at your nearest KRS site (in-person, fax, interoffice mail).

Applications are processed within two business days, and once processed you can expect to receive your barcode and pin via email, as well as a physical card forwarded to the office address provided.

Covenant Health Staff

If you are Covenant Health staff, please contact Covenant Health Library staff via email to apply for a library card:

Continuing Care Partner Providers

Continuing care partner providers are eligible for NEOS library cards, and requests should be made with your institutional email. Please forward the completed registration to 

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