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Reference Management | Migrating from RefWorks to a Replacement

Need Help?

KRS staff will be available to offer assistance and answer any questions about migrating accounts through email ( or chat (M-F, 8-4).

Mendeley training is available through our upcoming courses, as well as through a set of walk-through videos.


Can I Continue Using RefWorks For the Time Being?

Yes:  RefWorks (and legacy Refworks) will remain fully operational until July 31, 2020.  Thus any current projects or short-term upcoming projects can continue to use this citation management program.  However, should you wish to archive any existing RefWorks folders, pursue long-term projects (i.e. systematic reviews), or embark on writing articles for intended publication, we strongly recommend switching to a new reference manager (see choosing a reference manager).

Will I be able to access my references after July 31, 2020?

No: There will be no access to any references stored in RefWorks beyond July 31, 2020 and you will need to export your data and attachments before this time. Even if you do not currently anticipate needing your references in the future (e.g. completed projects), we still recommend that you create a backup copy of this data outside of RefWorks in a format that can be universally read by other programs (e.g. RIS) should you ever need to revisit them. Note that you do not need to select a new reference manager to create a backup copy of your references.

Will I be able to edit documents/manuscripts that have in-text citations and bibliographies that I've created with RefWorks?

No, the in-text citations and bibliographies created with RefWorks Write-n-Cite will not be editable once our subscription ends. You will need to either finish the document you are working on before July 31, 2020, re-enter in-text citations using an alternate reference management program or manually enter your updates/changes to the document.

Can I purchase RefWorks on my own or for my department?

No, unfortunately, RefWorks is not available for individual purchase from the vendor. There may be a possibility for a department to license RefWorks should there be extenuating circumstances that require continued access and alternative programs cannot meet current business needs. Please contact KRS for details.

How do I decide which reference manager is right for me? 

Mendeley is the current preferred reference management software at this time and is suitable for a range of research needs. Alternative reference management programs can also be requested such as Zotero (free software) and Endnote (based on business need, with approval). If you have questions about choosing a reference manager and are unsure if Mendeley will meet your needs, please reach out to us at