Patient Resources: Patient and Family Health Information Resources

KRS Services for Patients and Families

Our focus is in supporting evidence-informed decision making and quality patient care by providing staff with access to evidence resources and support in using them effectively.  In addition, we can help connect healthcare providers and patients and families with relevant, reliable, and appropriate health information resources through: 

  • This information guide as part of the KRS website, and
  • On-site assistance in locating, choosing, and effectively navigating quality health information resources.

Know Your Source

There is a lot of health information available on the internet. The "Know Your Source" handout provides you with a set of questions to ask yourself about a health information website to help you determine if the information is reliable and trustworthy.

Start with

This site was built by the Alberta Government and Alberta Health Services to give Albertans one place to go for health information they can trust. Healthcare experts across the province make sure the information is correct, up to date, and written for people who live in Alberta.

You can find health topics and videos, patient care handouts, a healthcare locator to find local services, a symptom checker and much more.