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Patient Resource Best Bets

Resources for staff and clinicians to use and interpret with their patients and patient's families.

Featured topics on

  • Use the Fitness and Exercise link, and click on "Health Topics" or "Take Action" to find information about cardiac and stroke rehabilitation, exercising with a health condition, quick tips on getting active, and much more.
  • Browse the available patient care handouts listed under "Bones, Joints, and Muscles", as well as "Physical Rehabilitation" for both adult and child/teen information. Topics cover a wide range, including low back pain, preventing falls, how to use crutches, and more.

More Patient Resources

In addition to, DynaMed and Nursing Reference Center (NRC) are also excellent sources for patient information handouts. In DynaMed, use the search box to find a relevant topic, and use the left side navigation to select the "Patient Information" heading. In NRC, select the "Patient Information" tab. See related FAQ