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Individual Guidelines

  • Our Subject Guides bring together select topic-specific clinical practice guidelines. These can be found in the Guidelines section of the guides (eg. Addictions & Mental Health, Cancer Care, Nutrition).
  • Trip Database is easy way to search and identify clinical practice guidelines for your topic. The filter menu on the left allows you to sort by evidence type and provides a list of guidelines ordered by jurisdiction.
  • DynaMed also provides consolidated source of guidelines listed within each of the conditions/topics covered  - look for the Guidelines and Resources section in a topic.

Looking for the best evidence?

Our point of care resources synthesize all the best and latest evidence on clinical topics and are updated frequently. They are a quick and easy way to find information to support evidence-informed decisions.
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Non-Clinical Sources

Canadian Standards Association Guidelines

Includes access to over a 150 documents from a wide variety of publishers:  AAMI, ASHRAE, ASME, CSA, Document Repository, IEC, ISEANFPA (Fire)ULC

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