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ORNAC Guidelines

  • The Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada standards, guidelines and position papers (16th ed) are available online:

    • Open CSA OnDemand, click on My Library (under Quick Links), choose ORNAC and click again to select English ed.
    • On the right-hand side, choose View Online (read-only copy)

You may also download the PDF, but note this is also a read-only copy that cannot be shared/emailed. After downloading, go into your system's Downloads folder and right click to choose Open with Adobe Reader (cannot view PDF in browser).

Personal registration with CSA OnDemand is not required, but available on the homepage for those that wish to access additional features (pg.3).


Individual Guidelines

  • Our Subject Guides bring together select topic-specific clinical practice guidelines. These can be found in the Guidelines section of the guides (eg. Addictions & Mental Health, Cancer Care, Nutrition).
  • Trip Database is easy way to search and identify clinical practice guidelines for your topic. The filter menu on the left allows you to sort by evidence type and provides a list of guidelines ordered by jurisdiction.
  • DynaMed also provides consolidated source of guidelines listed within each of the conditions/topics covered  - look for the Guidelines and Resources section in a topic.
  • Listing of individual groups and associations that produce guidelines

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Our point of care resources synthesize all the best and latest evidence on clinical topics and are updated frequently. They are a quick and easy way to find information to support evidence-informed decisions.
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Canadian Standards Association Guidelines

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FGI Guidelines

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