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About this Service

We will search the health literature on behalf of AHS and Covenant Health staff and provide a list of relevant articles with abstracts for you to review.


Standard Timelines

Urgent (same day | reserved for the care of an individual patient)

Express (within 5 business days)

Standard (within 10 business days)

Complex or ongoing (timelines to be negotiated)

We will make every effort to meet your requested timeframe but cannot guarantee expedited service quicker than our standard (10 business days). In times of high demand, requests that are needed to inform an individual patient’s immediate care will be prioritized.


Coursework for Academic Credit
(for Staff and Students)

Please note:  We cannot provide literature search services for non-AHS research, which includes literature searches for students and staff enrolled in courses for academic credit [...more]

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We can also help you to:

  • Select or use specific databases 
  • Develop search strategies 
  • Create an auto-alert to receive updates on search topics 

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What is Grey Literature?

Grey literature is information produced by government, business, industry, and individuals produced outside traditional commercial or academic publishing streams.

Learn more about common document types, explore where it can be found, and learn how it can be evaluated

Reference & Citation Management Apps

Did you know you have access to software that makes it easier to create bibliographies and cite articles?

Learn more about the available options and how to request them from IT.