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About this Service

We will search the health literature on behalf of AHS and Covenant Health staff and provide a list of relevant articles with abstracts for you to review.


Types of Requests &
Standard Timelines

Urgent Patient Care Requests -
Same business day

Non-Urgent Patient Care Requests -
Up to 5 business days

Indirect Patient Care Requests -
Up to 10 business days

Complex Requests -
> 10 business days/to be negotiated


Coursework for Academic Credit
(for Staff and Students)

Please note:  We do NOT provide literature search services for non-AHS research, which includes literature searches for students and staff enrolled in courses for academic credit.

Students and staff are expected to learn how to conduct literature searches themselves to fulfill the requirements of their program of study.  We encourage staff and students to co-ordinate literature searching assistance through their educational institution. 

Additionally, KRS offers a number of searching tutorials via our Education Guides that you are welcome to peruse. Our online education courses offered through Knowledge Wise, is another great resource for guidance on literature searching skills. 

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Request a Literature Search

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