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About this Service

What is the KRS Education program?

KRS’ education program is a suite of learning resources and opportunities designed to support the development of evidence literacy competencies in AHS staff.  

What topics can you help me learn more about?

Evidence literacy means being able to efficiently find, assess, adapt, and use evidence* in practice. We can help you or your team learn what evidence resources are available to you (e.g. databases, point-of-care tools, and grey literature sources); plan and perform basic or advanced literature searches; assess the quality of the evidence you find; devise strategies to monitor the literature on an ongoing basis; and use and share information in a copyright-compliant fashion.

What formats for education are available?

We offer  facilitated group sessions (in-person or virtual), one-to-one coaching, and self-paced e-learning resources. A KRS Team Member will work with you to understand your learning needs and interests, and connect you with appropriate resources and opportunities.

How can I make an education request?

Complete and submit the Education Request form, or contact us at

What can I expect when I make an education request?

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