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AHS and Covenant Health staff can borrow from our physical book, CD and DVD collections.

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NEOS Catalogue Language Notice

Knowledge Resource Service recognizes that wording found in the library catalogue can be outdated, and reflects old biases, norms, and perspectives. Some book descriptions about persons and groups include words that are offensive or inappropriate (for instance, ‘Indians of North America’).

KRS is actively supporting efforts to change outdated library practices and use language that is inclusive, respectful, and does not cause harm. Community engagement in these efforts is very important, and we commit to working together with Indigenous and other partners to make these changes.

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Limited NEOS eBook Access

Please note that you may not be able to view all ebooks in the NEOS catalogue. Most online access to ebooks is limited for use to a specific library due to licensing terms. In many cases you may be able to access these ebooks if you have affiliation with that library, or by visiting the physical site and requesting guest access via their on-site computers.

There are select ebooks that you are able to view in the catalogue and these will be listed with Alberta Health Services or NEOS Library Consortium Access.

A list of all our ebooks is maintained separately outside the NEOS catalogue, and is available for easy searching.



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