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Resources for staff and clinicians to use and interpret with their patients and patient's families.

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More Patient Resources

AHS-reviewed and Alberta-optimized patient teaching handouts are available within Connect Care and at Within Connect Care, educational handouts are about care instructions related to various medical conditions, treatments, medications, before and after care as well as brief general info. These can be favorited by HCPs for future quick access, personalized with some specific instructions to a patient and then added to the After Visit Summary.
LippincottDynaMed, and Lexicomp offer additional sources of patient information, which you may consider using to support your patient's information needs. Use your clinical judgment when deciding if one of these supplementary sources is right for your patient. In DynaMed, use the search box to find a relevant topic, and use the left side navigation to select the "Patient Information" heading. In Lippincott Advisor, see the "Patient Teaching Handouts" section and in Lexicomp you'll find a "Patient Education" tab in the top menu.

See our related FAQ - What source should I use for patient education materials?