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Research & Publication Support: Research Data Management

What is RDM?

Image: Portage Network, Primer: Research Data Management, CC-BY.

Research Data Management or RDM refers to the processes applied to scientific or research data throughout its lifecycle – from collection to documentation to archiving.

In Canada and around the world, there has been a greater push to make research data available to all, so that researchers can share critical information that advances collective knowledge further.

The Tri-Agency Research Data Policy specifically requires that data for research that is funded by CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC be made available in a publicly accessible repository.

A Data Management Plan is a written strategy for how you will collect, use, store, share and archive data for your research. Some funding agencies require a DMP to be in place for a funding request to be successful. Use the Portage Network DMP Assistant to write your strategy.

Useful links:

Research Data Repositories

Below is a short list of open access data repositories that you can use to archive and share your research data.

Listings of healthcare-specific repositories: