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Point of Care Resources: What are Point of Care Resources?

Using Point of Care Resources

Point of Care (PoC) resources are:

  • evidence-based summaries of all the best and latest research
  • offer clinical guidance and support at the point of care
  • quick and easy to search
  • updated regularly

We offer a variety of PoC resources, each offering a different scope & coverage:  

How can this guide help me?

This guide is a education resource for:

  • clinicians who want to know more about how to use PoC tools to support their practice, and
  • educators and managers who want to promote these resources and help staff use them effectively

Request Education & Training

Need a little extra help? Want your team to learn more? We offer regularly scheduled and customized education sessions.

Which Point of Care resource should I use?

Clinical Topics & Answers

Evidence-based clinical decision support for all health care staff written by physicians.
Best for its:  Breadth/depth of clinical topics, expert overviews and recommendations, easy to find related practice guidelines.
Evidence-based information to support nursing practice at the point of care.
Best for its: Nursing focus, including: nursing considerations for each clinical topic, nursing care plans, patient teaching library.


Clinical Skills & Procedures


Step-by-step guidance, covering nursing, physical therapy, and respiratory therapy procedures and skills.
Best for its: Clear skill checklists, procedures with images/videos, groupings by specialty settings.


Drug Information


Comprehensive drug information with several specialty collections and resources (Trissel's IV-Check, Briggs Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation, Martindale, ect.)
Best for its: Patient information handouts, and specialty resources. 
Comprehensive drug information and clinical decision support tools
Best for its: Poisoning and toxicology resources
Authoritative resource that provides information on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary alternative and integrative therapies. 
Best for its: Interactions, adverse effects, and effectiveness of natural medicines.
Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) is the Canadian standard for drug monographs.
Best for its: Health Canada–approved drug monographs, indications, formulations, and doses.