Point of Care Resources: Learn about Lippincott Advisor

What is Lippincott Advisor?

Lippincott Advisor offers immediate, evidence-based answers and guidance for nurses at the point of care. 

Video Tour

Watch the General User Training Videos to learn the basics [Time: 21:52].

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How to Access Lippincott Advisor


Access anytime, anywhere!

Lippincott Advisor can be accessed directly (krs.ahs.ca/advisor) or through the link on our homepage. For easy access, we encourage you to bookmark this site in your web browser, create a desktop shortcut, or download the free app. These links will work outside the AHS network (e.g. on your home computer, off-site), and you'll be prompted to login with your existing AHS/COV credentials.

Users' Guide to Lippincott Advisor

Lippincott Advisor provides:

  • Over 16,000 original, synthesized, evidence-based content entries, with on-the-spot answers to questions about diseases, diagnostic tests, treatments, signs and symptoms, and other clinical details,
  • A health library (located in the link in menu) of over 30 clinician reference texts such as Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice (Nettina), Cardiac Nursing (Woods, et al), and Wallach’s Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests (Williamson & Snyder)

Hover over the hotspots below to learn more about how to use Lippincott Advisor:

Practice Note

Lippincott Advisor is an AHS & Covenant Health endorsed resource for evidence-based practice information. It should be used in consideration of your clinical experience, context-specific information & clinical data, organizational policies, and other organizational references.

If you have questions about using Lippincott Advisor in your practice please contact: