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What is Lippincott Procedures?

Lippincott Procedures offers step-by-step guidance, covering nursing, physical therapy and respiratory therapy procedures and skills.

Procedures Tour

Watch the General User Training Video to learn the basics [Time: 17:01].

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How to Access Lippincott Procedures

Access anytime, anywhere!

Lippincott Procedures can be accessed directly (krs.ahs.ca/procedures) or through the link on our homepage. For easy access, we encourage you to bookmark this site in your web browser, create a desktop shortcut,or download the free app. These links will work outside the AHS network (e.g. on your home computer, off-site), and you'll be prompted to login with your existing AHS/COV credentials.

Users' Guide to Lippincott Procedures

Lippincott Procedures provides:

  • Detailed descriptions of over 1,700 procedures and skills in nursing, physical therapy and respiratory therapy,
  • Complete instructions to perform a skills or procedure including: equipment, preparation guidelines, implementation steps, special considerations, patient teaching information, documentation, and references,
  • Video clips and images to clarify complex procedures, and
  • Quick lists provide a quick, less-detailed version of a procedure when only an overview is needed. 

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Practice Note

Lippincott Procedures is an AHS & Covenant Health endorsed resource for evidence-based practice information. It should be used in consideration of your clinical experience, context-specific information & clinical data, organizational policies, and other organizational references.

If you have questions about using Lippincott Procedures in your practice please contact: