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Reference Management | Migrating from RefWorks to a Replacement


Tips for Using Mendeley

  1. Use the Watch Folder option to automatically add new PDFs to your library
    • ​Within your Mendeley Desktop, go to File > Watch Folder.
    • You will see your file explorer. Under the ‘Watched Folders’ tab tick the folders you would like to watch, and click OK.
    • Any PDF that you add to your chosen folders will be automatically added to your Mendeley library.
      • Review citation details carefully - Older PDFs may not have the correct/complete metadata to give to Mendeley.
  2. Download the Mendeley Web Importer for Chrome only
    • Edge support may be available in the future.
  3. Need to create a quick bibliography? 
    • Identify the citations you want within Mendeley
    • Go to View > Library as citations
    • Select the desired citation format
    • Highlight the entries you want by either
      • Click + Shift on the top citation and click on the bottom citation for adjacent citations.
      • CTRL + click on the desired citations for non-adjacent citations.
      • CTRL+A for all of the citations.
    • Right-click to copy the citations. In Word, paste the citations.
    • You can also create a bibliography within Word using the citation plugin.

Learn More

Adding References to Mendeley

  1. Exporting directly from a database
      • Export using Medlars format
    •  CINAHL & PsycINFO
      • Export using RIS format
    • PubMed, Google Scholar, publishers’ websites
  2. Drag and drop PDFs into Mendeley (tip: always verify the citation data)
  3. Add records manually
    • Use File > ‘Add Entry Manually…’ to manually input the details of a reference.
    • You can use a DOI, PMID or ArXiv ID to look up the details of a reference by placing the identifier in the appropriate field and click on the magnifying glass.

Working in Teams

Private group size has increased to 25 people (previously a 3 person limit)

  • Only one member of the group needs to create the private Mendeley group. 
  • It is best that you wait until everyone has joined the group before you start adding documents to it.
  • All highlights and annotations made on PDFs in private groups will be visible to all members.