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Reference Management | Migrating from RefWorks to a Replacement

Migrating to Mendeley

Before proceeding, make sure that Mendeley Desktop is installed on your workstation and you have created your Mendeley personal account. Requests for Mendeley can be made through the IT Portal.

  1. Open Mendeley and login to your personal account.

  2. If you want to keep your folder structure and have exported individual RefWorks folders to RIS files, you'll want to recreate these folders in Mendeley first. Click on on Create Folder and choose a folder name. If you do not wish to import your citations into a folder, select All Documents.

  3. Select File -> Import... -> RIS - Research Information Systems (*.ris)undefined

  4. In the bottom right, use the dropdown to select All supported formats. Click on the file you exported from RefWorks. Click Open.undefined

  5. Your citations are now imported from Refworks and you will see a confirmation of the number of imported references at the bottom of the window. Repeat the process for other folders.

Adding PDF Attachments 

If you saved PDFs from RefWorks, you can attach them to the new record as created above. You'll first need to locate the reference in Mendeley either by browsing or using the search option at the top right of your screen. When you have found the right reference:

  1. Click on the reference so it is highlighted. The sidebar with reference details appears on the right.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the window until you see the Files field. undefined
  3. Click on Add File and navigate to your saved PDF file, then select Open
  4. You will now see a PDF icon next to your reference in the main library.