Current Awareness: What is Current Awareness?

Current awareness is a way to stay up to date with the latest articles in your area of interest. This Education Guide provides you with tools and strategies for creating your own current awareness plan.

What is Current Awareness?

Are you looking for a way to better manage the latest information within your research area? Keep up on the newest journals in your field? Organize and keep track of the research most applicable to you and your work? A current awareness plan can help!

With a current awareness plan, alerts for key journals and literature searches are pushed to you instead of you having to continually search for new information. We've got some of the most popular options outlined to the right.

How do you want to keep up to date?

     Email Alerts

Email alerts are an easy way to be automatically notified when the latest issue of a journal is released. It will usually have a table of contents (ToC) for you to scan through, providing titles and/or abstracts to identify articles that are relevant to your practice.

     Subject Alerts

Are you interested in the latest research around a specific topic, and would like the articles to come from a variety of journals? By setting up a subject alert,you'll receive an automatically generated email when a new article is published related your specific topic of interest. You'll have to start with a search in a specific database.

     RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can be viewed in your email (Outlook), a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), or an RSS reader. The feed will notify you of the most recent articles published to your followed journals or from a topic search from your favorite database.