Keeping Current: Journal Alerts

Learn how to stay up to date with the latest research

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What is a Journal Alert?

Journal alerts are an easy way to be notified when the latest issue of a journal is released. It will usually have a table of contents (TOC) of the included articles in that issue, providing titles and/or abstracts to pick out for further reading. People will typically follow a few journals in their practice areas to stay up to date.

TIP: Journal alerts are usually the simplest to set up, though lack specificity if you wanting to read up on a specific topic. Head to Practice & Topic Alerts or Search Alerts if you are looking for tools that pull across a variety of sources and can be customized to your practice area.

These types of alerts are generally available for any publication, even those not in our online collection. Let's walk through the process of selecting journals to follow:

Journal Selection

If you are unsure of what journals you'd like to follow or looking for some inspiration, try our Subject Guides (under View Journals) to view a short list of recommended journals in your practice area.

You can also browse our entire online journal collection by subject area in Browzine. We have over 25,000 titles to explore:














Once you have selected your journals, we recommend continuing to work in Browzine to set up alerts. It is the easiest tool that allows you to set up multiple journal alerts quickly and access full text in one click. It's uncluttered and streamlined interface allow you to scan new issues with ease. Learn how to setup alerts in Browzine, using either the web version or the app.

Note: We are currently piloting a new KRS Journal Alert service for a select number of journals! Please take a look to see if there are any journals that you'd be interested in following. We'll send you an email with a list of articles in each issue, with one-click access to the article.

Beyond the KRS Collection

If you don't find a journal that you are looking for in Browzine, alerts can still be setup! There may be some journals that are not fully available in Browzine or that you will not find because they are not part of our online collection. In these cases, we recommend using Read by QXMD. It has the benefit of indexing most published medical journals, however, because we don't license everything available in this tool, you may have to manually request for those articles that you would like to read in full text. We are to happy to bring these in for you at no-cost as part of regular article delivery service.

You might also choose to set up alerts in Read by QXMD for some of it's added functionality around aggregating new research across journals, grouped by practice or keyword topic. Read more about practice or topic alerts.

In the case that you are looking for any additional journals that might be in a broader field than medicine and not available in Browzine or Read, you might need to set up a journal alert through the individual publisher.