Keeping Current: Practice & Topic Alerts

Learn how to stay up to date with the latest research

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KRS staff are able to troubleshoot issues and answer any questions you may have when setting up alerts. 

Contact your KRS site or email and we'll be happy to assist you!

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DynaMed Practice Alerts

The recent alerts from DynaMed provide a super quick and easy way to stay current with practice changing updates. You'll need to sign-up for a personal account to select from a list of clinical specialties to follow from the main menu. These recent alerts and updates are available both online and in the app.

You have the ability to customize when you receive the alerts (e.g. only practice changing updates vs all) and whether you receive an email or just view them in the Recent Alerts tabs. 

Each clinical specialty has a list of subtopics that you can follow individually as well. 

ACCESSSS Best Evidence for Health Care

McMasters' ACCESSSS provides one-stop access to pre-appraised evidence functioning both as a searchable database as well as a personalized alert service.

You can select from 61 clinical disciplines, 5 populations, and set your threshold for alerts.  Articles are continuously screened to identify studies and systematic reviews that are scientifically strong and then rated by frontline clinicians for relevance and newsworthiness.

Make sure that you select Alberta Health Services as our institution to link through to our full text access.

Results are sent via email, but you can also view them on your personalized dashboard, or via an RSS reader.

Read by QXMD Personalized Feed & Collections

In addition to Read's curated journal feed, you can also set up Read to show you the latest research based around specific keywords or opt in to follow one of Read's crafted collections. Both of these provide options to get notification when there is new papers added. See our Read by QXMD guide to learn about both of these features. Read offers an excellent all-round tool to keep current!