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How to set up an email subject alert in EBSCO databases (CINAHL, Business Source Complete, Health Source etc.)

Step 1: Login to CINAHL (or other Ebsco database)

Step 2: Click Sign In at the top right hand side of the screen to login to your personal account.

If you don’t have a personal account, you can Create a new Account and complete the 
required information. Please note that this account is for Ebsco databases.


Step 3: Enter your search terms and click Search. Double check the results your search is retrieving are what you are interested in. For more information on searching - search the KRS Education Guides for Literature Searching. 


Step 4: Click on Search History below the search boxes.

Step 5: Click on Save Searches / Alerts.



Step 6: Give your search a name beside Name of Search/Alert.



Step 7: Click Alert beneath Save Search As.



Step 8: Choose how often you would like to receive updates from the drop down menu under Frequency.

   Choose the date range under Articles published within the last 
   Choose how long you want to receive alerts for under Run Alert for.



Step 9: Under Alert Options, indicate the level of detail you want in the results. Generally, Brief, will give you enough information to start.



Step 10: Choose one of the Email options. To start, choose Email all alerts and notices. For more information on RSS feeds - search the KRS Education Guides for RSS. 


Step 11: Type in your E-mail Address.

Tip: you can input more than one email address if you are working with a team

Step 12: Select your results format: either plain text or HTML

Step 13: Type in the email subject line for the alert under Subject


Step 14: Click on the yellow Save button.