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Use Read anywhere! On the web or download the app for iOS and Android by searching for QXMD in your app store.

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What is Read by QXMD?

Read helps curate a personalized feed of the latest and most read research based on your preferences pulled from a variety of journal sources. You can also select specific journals and keywords (or topic collections) to follow, search PubMed, and save papers.

TIP: The app version of Read offers better functionality than the online version and makes it easier to set up practice and topic alerts. 


Read Walk-through & Features

Once you sign-up for Read, the app's algorithm will personalize a featured feed of recommended articles for you based on what your account settings about yourself (profession, specialization), your Read history, and what other professionals in your discipline are reading. The more content that you interact with, the better the recommendations will be on this featured feed. Note that very widely read, but quite dated articles may also sometimes appear in this feed, so be mindful of the publication dates shown at the bottom of each article card.

Never miss an issue of your favourite journal with the My Journals list. Use the Edit link (top right) to add any journal to your list. Access to full text should be seamless when you've added Alberta Health Services as your institution. In cases where we do not license the article, you'll get a message that says PDF Not Found, Tap Here for Options. Select Request a Copy and we'll be sent your article request directly to provide as part of regular article delivery service at no cost to you.

Collections are custom-made by Read (e.g. Most Read), other Read users, institutions (e.g. libraries), and publishers. In addition, if you have your notifications on, you will get sent weekly emails of any new content in your collections. Scroll to the bottom of this guide to see the list of available collections.

If you are looking for something specific, perhaps a new treatment, medication, or condition, you might benefit from adding it to your Read app via the Keywords functionality. Easier than developing a full search strategy for a search alert, these keywords searches are a quick and easy way to get updates on the newest literature that match your interests.

Easy to reference later on, all your viewed papers are available in one spot in the app. You can add any of these papers to your private collection or share them in public collections to distribute to colleagues. 

Not only does Read support key features to keep you current, but it also provides a simplified interface to search PubMed for researching topics on the go. This is also a handy spot to quickly access a paper that was mentioned by a colleague by simply searching for a title or PubMed ID. 

Setting up Read

Download Read by QxMD by searching for ‘QxMD’ in your app store. A web version is also available at

Get it on Google PlayDownload on the App Store

Once you've downloaded the mobile app and created a personal account for Read, follow the instructions below to connect to our institution.

Tip: You might already have a Read account if you've used Medscape. Try logging in with your Medscape account before create a new one!


  1. From the homepage, click on the Account Settings icon at the top-left corner.
  2. On the Account Settings page, select Institutional Access.
  3. Click on the Add button at the top-right.
  4. A list of institutions should appear. Search for Alberta Health Services and select it. 
  5. Select your login preference to retrieve full text:
    • Automatic Login Using Library Login
      • Password is encrypted and only stored locally in your device, never sent to Read servers
    • Manual Login
      • Prompted for login each time when accessing AHS-licensed content
  6. Click the Check iconCongratulations, you're all set!

By setting your demographics in your profile and highlighting your favourite journals, articles in your feed will always reflect what’s most important to you.