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OVID Search Alerts

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How to create an email subject alert in OVID databases (MEDLINE, EMBASE, PsycInfo, etc.)

Step 1: Open MEDLINE, PsycInfo, or another Ovid database

Step 2: Login to your account by clicking My Account in the top right hand corner. 
If you don’t have a personal account, create one by clicking My Account in the top right hand corner and then Create a New Personal Account. Please note this account is only for Ovid databases. 


Step 3: Enter your search terms and click Search. If you need help conducting your search, please contact KRS or refer to the literature searching education guide (coming soon).

Note: If you are using date limits, be sure to use Current as the end date or the system will not continue updating your search beyond the date set. 


Step 4: Your results will appear in the Search History box at the top of the page. Click on Save Search History button in the bottom right corner of the Search History box. 

Step 5: Type the name of your search in the Search Name box. Choose AutoAlert(SDI) from the drop down menu under Type.

Step 6: Choose how often you would like to receive updates under Scheduling Options.



Step 7: Check Email under Delivery Options. Enter your email address and give your email a subject line you understand beside Email Subject.



Step 8: Under Email Options, choose whether you want your results within the text of the email, or sent as an attachment.

Step 9: Under Output Type, choose the file format you prefer: HTML, ASCII (text), or EXCEL file. Click Include Strategy if you want to have your search strategy included in each email. 

Step 10: Under Report Type, choose how you would like your results displayed within the email. 


Step 11: Under Fields, choose whether you want the article abstracts to be included.

Step 12: Under Result Format, leave Ovid Labeled Citation as the default. 


Step 13: Click the Save button.

A confirmation message will appear on the main search page that your search has been saved.