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  • In the ‘Usability’ section, we assess the organization of information and other usability factors that may contribute to user experience

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Canada COVID-19

Canada COVID-19 

Versions reviewed

 iOS 4.0 (LF); iOS 3.9 (MV)

Device & OS used

iPad Mini 3 12.4.1 (LF); iPad 13.5.1 (MV)

Date of review

July 14, 2020 (LF); June 25, 2020 (MV)

Reviewers Lance Fox (LF) & Marcus Vaska (MV)
Technician Support  Melanie Belliveau

Image Source: Canada COVID-19, Apple App Store. Retrieved on July 24, 2020 from:

Stated Purpose  

“The Canada COVID-19 App has been developed in partnership with Health Canada and the Government of Canada as a central resource for accessing personalized, trusted, evidence-based information about the COVID-19 pandemic.”


“Canada COVID-19 is designed for you to stay informed about COVID-19 in Canada and determine what actions and next steps you should take. Recommendations are personalized and based on your personal risk factors. You will receive timely updates with important news and alerts from Canada’s Ministry of Health. Recommendations and content are automatically updated based on the latest guidelines related to COVID-19.”



  • You can select which province you live in and want to receive updates from.
  • You can choose to receive updates on specific topics.
  • Interactive Map which allows you to view the total count and rate of people tested, total cases, deaths, and cases recovered.  An interactive Dashboard also accompanies this.
  • Self-Assessment and self-checker which allow you to do a daily assessment of your symptoms, travel history, close contact, and overall wellbeing. The final results then provide recommendations on what you should do (ex. Self-isolate at home).





All specialties and all professions.



This app is designed to be used by all Canadians.

Part 1: Editorial committee, content updates, and evidence grading

Canada COVID-19 was unveiled on March 30, 2020 during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep Canadians informed about the spread of the virus in Canada, as well as provide support and recommendations and actions that should be taken.

No information is provided on individual authors or editorial committees, however, all content is created by government organizations such as Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, and each provincial government. Entries are dated and content is updated daily. No grading system is used.



Part 2: Source and authorship information for 3 entries

No reference lists provided but links to external sources are provided within individual entries where the content came from and/or where you can go for additional information. Content includes guidelines from Health Canada as well as some other helpful resources such as videos and fact sheets. Content is created by a reputable source.

Organization of information

App is well-organized, intuitive and easy to navigate; The menu-driven options on the home page allows the user to quickly locate desired information.  Content is supplemented with visuals (infographics, maps), as well as videos (i.e. handwashing techniques) for detailed demonstrations.


There are 5 tabs that contain content:

  1.The Home tab/screen has quick links for some of the latest updates or popular content.

  2. The Stats tab shows the latest situation numbers in Canada and all of the provinces and territories. It includes an interactive map which allows you to view both the count and rate of people tested, total cases, deaths, and cases recovered. There is also an interactive situational awareness dashboard on the number of cases and deaths. Links to additional information on Health Canada’s website are also provided.

  3. The Updates tab provides the latest health, financial, and community updates provided by the Government of Canada and your local provincial government (which is selected when you first download the app and can be edited in the app settings).

  4. The Resources tab contains information on the following:

  • Mental Health and Substance Use Support
  • Where to call for help
  • About COVID-19
  • Prevention
  • If you get sick
  • Children
  • Travel Advice
  • Financial Support
  • Pets
  • Trustworthy sources of information
  • Common Questions
  • Family and Gender-Based Violence
  • About Thrive Health
  • App Support

  5. The Self-Check tab allows you to do a daily self-assessment to see how you are feeling and it allows you to keep a history of your symptoms.



The entire app is browsable with no search functions and is very easy to navigate. Each tab provides you with a list of resources that can be selected.  Within a matter of minutes, the user can know how to use the entire app.



User Account require: No 

Internet connection required for use: Yes - Aside from receiving daily updates, an internet connection is also required in order to view any of the external links. The rest of the app within the app can be viewed without internet but of course you can’t access the full content.

Text search field: No 

Browsable content: Yes 

Advertisements: No

Pop-up advertisements: No

In-app purchases: No 



Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 11.4 or later.
Last updated (as per App store listing): July 10, 2020

Windows mobile (all platforms); n/a
Device compatibility Android smartphones & tablets. Requires 5.0 and up.
Last updated (as per Google Play listing): July 10, 2020

App Store listing: 26.2 MB
Google Play listing: 8.3 MB


App Developer

Health Canada & Thrive Health
8 members of Thrive Health leadership team: David Helliwell, co-founder & CEO; Jr. James Helliwell, cofounder and Chief Medical Officer; Kevin Tate, Head of Operations; Dr. Mike Phang, Director of Sales and Clinical Business Development; Allie Dickson, Director of Customer Success; Hieg Khatcherian, Director of Integration; Jojo Robertson, Director of Marketing; Karen Fryer, Director of Finance


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