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Librarian reviewers from the Knowledge Resource Service (KRS) and the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) consider the audience and purpose of the apps, as well as highlighting additional features:
  • In the ‘Evidence’ section, we assess how easily an app user can identify the app’s currency and support from the evidence
  • In the ‘Usability’ section, we assess the organization of information and other usability factors that may contribute to user experience

Our complete grading criteria for evidence and usability are embedded in the review.

Please note that the reviewers are not healthcare professionals, and so cannot appraise the quality of any recommendations within the app. The reviews are not endorsements.

View the AHS policy on Mobile Wireless Devices and Services.




Versions reviewed

 Google Play 1.3.0

Device & OS used

Android Motorola E4 Android 7.1.1 (BHS); Galaxy S10 (AJL)

Date of review

December 2, 2020; December 3 2020

Reviewers Brianna Howell-Spooner & Ashley Jane Leonard
Technician Support  Lori Maisey

Image Source: Physiopedia, App Store. Retrieved on January 6, 2021 from:


Stated Purpose  

"The ultimate reference tool for physiotherapists / physical therapists!”[1]

1] Taken from: Apple store:

The Physiopedia app was created so that users of the Physiopedia website could access the content in a mobile compatible way.

It is also a possible revenue stream for since they are a not-for profit organization.


  • Physiopedia created articles contain text, video and image-based information, with full reference lists provided.

  • Screening tools are also provided within the app, depending on the topic.




Image Source: Physiopedia, Google Play Retrieved on January 6, 2021 from


Physiotherapists/physical therapists




Part 1: Editorial committee, content updates, and evidence grading

Editorial volunteers are listed on the Physiopedia website.

Two separate grading systems are used for evaluating the references within entries: one for articles and the other for guidelines. However, it is unclear as to what grading system are being used in these cases, as this information is not mentioned within the app itself. After some investigation, the reviewers concluded that the following grading systems are being used:  Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford (1a-5) for peer-reviewed articles; GRADE levels for guideline articles

Part 2: Source and authorship information for 3 entries

Individual authorship and affiliation information is not provided for each Article entry. Having said that, each entry is accompanied by a Reference list, which provides an evidence-based foundation for the Article. In some cases, this Reference list provides links out to full text articles or guidelines.

Organization of information

Searching for information options included using either text-based search bar or a map of the body with clickable circled areas which lead to an organized list of article types.



The app is easy to navigate, and users can browse or search by information – either by a general keyword search or by focusing their search to a particular area of the body.



User Account require: No

Internet connection required for use: Yes, An internet connection is needed to view favourite articles within the free version of the app

Text search field: Yes 

Browsable content: Yes 

Advertisements: Yes, occasional pop-up adverts

Pop-up advertisements: Yes

In-app purchases: Yes, In app purchase for the premium subscription option



Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Requires iOS 10 or later
Last updated (as per App store listing): November 11, 2020 

Compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. Requires Android OS 5.1 and up.
Last updated (as per Google Play listing): November 10, 2020

App Store listing:  9.5MB (iOS)
Google Play listing: 5.7M (On device – 9.90MB) (Android)


App Developer

Physiopedia Plus Ltd.

Several partners are listed within the app: Dot.Physio, World Confederation for Physical Therapy, ICRC, Clinically Relevant.


Country of Origin

United Kingdom