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Hypertension Canada Guidelines


Hypertension Canada Guidelines


Rachel Zhao & Tabatha Plesuk

Version reviewed


Device & OS used

iPhone 6 iOS 10.3.3

iPad Mini iOS 11.2

Date of review

April 14 & April 17 2018 



Image Source: Hypertension Canada Guidelines, Apple App Store. ​Retrieved on April 27, 2018 from

App developer

Hypertension Canada;
Chi-Ming Chow MD MSc FRCPC,
Edward Brawer BSc (Hons),
Allan Brawer BA (Hons),
Kate Campbell MScBMC BSc.



General Contact: 

Chi-Ming Chow (CEO USquareSoft):

Edward Brawer (COO USquareSoft):

Hypertension Canada
3780 14th Avenue, Suite 211 Markham, Ontario L3R 9Y5 Canada
Tel: 905-943-9400 Fax: 905-943-9401 Email:


iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 
iOS 8.0 or later​
October 22, 2016
App for iOS is version 1.0.4

Android OS
Android 4.1 or later​
September 11, 2017

Country of origin



13.8 MB


Cardiovascular Health (focus-Hypertension)

Primary care/community care physicians, other HCPs, educators, and patients interested in cardiovascular health.


In App, the audience of the material is not always clearly labeled.


Stated Purpose

States the purpose is to make the Hypertension Canada Guidelines available for use on mobile device. With the mission of Hypertension Canada being: “to advance health through prevention and control of high blood pressure and its complications.”

App store:
States the purpose is to provide Hypertension Canada's most current guidelines, that have been developed and reviewed by an expert committee of doctors, researchers and health care professionals

Google Play:
No description



Provide a portable version of the Hypertension Canada Guidelines available through

The website has an interactive tool to determine if a patient exceeds the threshold values for initiation of pharmacological treatment and to determine recommended treatment targets, but the App does not have this.


Part 1: Editorial committee, content updates, and evidence grading

Although the App lost marks for the grading system not being explained in App and unclear dates in the summary section, this information is available outside of the App on the corresponding website. Similarly, the editorial committee information is not clear in the App, and requires external links to be followed, after clicking into publications (available in App) the information is retrievable and is detailed in nature. Additionally, the lead author of the Guidelines is receptive to questions and responds to inquiries quickly.


Part 2: Source and authorship information for 3 entries

The overall score is being lowered by the summary/ recommendations section receiving a zero. If the corresponding summary/ recommendations section is viewed on the website instead, the source and authorship information is very clear. The guidelines themselves are created using a rigorous process, and the authors are well respected in their fields, and are affiliated with recognized and respected institutions. If possible, viewing the guidelines in a web browser through gives the viewer better clarity on source and authorship information (unless the App is used for viewing the PDFs in the library section, but the website is more interactive and has better ease of navigation).


Organization of information

After the home screen and clicking into the guidelines, the App is divided into three sections (summary, library, videos). The summary section is the POC tool with recommendations on diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and prevention). The Library section has PDFs of the Hypertension Canada publications. The video section contains one video related to the 2016 guidelines. Hierarchical structure is used, and the summary sections are divided into topical subdivisions, and then chapters within topics. The library section has topical subdivisions but within those the publications do not appear to follow a specific scheme.


The navigation is simple and basic, and does not require much effort to learn. However, once going into some of the content it becomes difficult to figure out how to get back to the main page (e.g. if looking at a chapter, have to exit and reopen the app.

User account required: No Internet connection required for use: Yes; Text search field: Yes There is no search field in the app initially, but you are able to search with chapters.Browsable content: Yes The summary/recommendations is broken into two categories “diagnosis and assessment” and “prevention and treatment” and each are further divided into subjects.; Advertisements: No; Pop-up advertisements: No; In-app purchases: No



There are PDFs for patients for logging their blood pressure measurements of they are doing at home monitoring.