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To keep you updated on the go, our ‘app of the month’ highlights one free informational app every month!

Librarian reviewers consider the audience and purpose of the apps, as well as highlighting additional features:
  • In the ‘Evidence’ section, we assess how easily an app user can identify the app’s currency and support from the evidence
  • In the ‘Usability’ section, we assess the organization of information and other usability factors that may contribute to user experience

Our complete grading criteria for evidence and usability are embedded in the review.

Please note that the reviewers are not healthcare professionals, and so cannot appraise the quality of any recommendations within the app. The reviews are not endorsements.

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Versions reviewed

Version 2.12.1 – Google Pixel 2
Version 2.10.0 – iPad & iPhone

Device & OS used

Android: 1.0.13; iPad Air iOS: 14.7

Date of review

July 22, 2021


Xurong (Rachel) Zhao (AHS)
Mark Mueller (SHA)

Technician Support  Brandie Bailey

Image Source: Medication Guide, Apple App Store. Retrieved on Aug 11,2021 from:

Stated Purpose  

The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. All mobile-optimized to speed up your browsing experience.” (2,3)




Image Medication Guide, Apple App Store. Retrieved on Aug 11, 2021 from:


For healthcare professionals in general. No specific specialties were identified.

All medical, health, and allied health professions. This app may also be used by patients and lay people as it contains consumer health content.



Part 1: Editorial committee, content updates, and evidence grading

Some entries contain the reviewers’ names and credentials. The app has an “Editorial Policy” section where information about individual members of the editorial team can be found. Links are provided for the LinkedIn accounts for only a few members of the editorial team. The Drug Information Database is powered by several independent leading medical-information suppliers, including; American Society of Health-System PharmacistsCerner Multum and IBM Watson Micromedex. Individual drug (or drug-class) content compiled by these sources is peer reviewed and delivered by also publishes health content from other sources such as Harvard Health Publications, Mayo Clinic, and Animalytics. The app contains a Terms and Conditions section, but there is no specific mention of “conflict of interest”. No grading systems are mentioned. Entry clearly dated for the drug monographs only.

Part 2: Source and authorship information for 3 entries

Some entries contain the reviewer’s names and their credentials. Some entries are marked as “Medically reviewed” by and the term “Medically reviewed” linked to the editorial team. Some editorial team members have the links to their LinkedIn profiles. Some editorial team members have their affiliation information listed. Entries for professionals include a citation list. The FDA Monographs have no external links to the original information on the US Food and Drug Administration website.


Organization of information

The home screen displays 15 options for users to select and browse.  There is also a search feature at the top of the home screen.


The organization of the app is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate.


User Account require: Yes

Internet connection required for use: Yes

Text search field: Yes

Browsable content: Yes

Advertisements: Yes

Pop-up advertisements: No

In-app purchases: Yes


Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPad Air, iPod touch, Mac; iPad, iPhone, iPad Air & iPod Touch require iOS 12.0 or later, Mac requires OS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.                                                        
Last updated (as per App store listing): June 22, 2021

Requires Android 5.0 and up.                                   
Last updated (as per Google Play listing): June16, 2021 

42.1 MB iPhone (Apple)
17 MB (Android)

App Developer

Country of Origin
New Zealand


Drugsite Trust – Corporate Office
25 Apollo Drive, Suite A
North Shore
Auckland 0632
New Zealand
Telephone: +649 476 8500