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Librarian reviewers consider the audience and purpose of the apps, as well as highlighting additional features:
  • In the ‘Evidence’ section, we assess how easily an app user can identify the app’s currency and support from the evidence
  • In the ‘Usability’ section, we assess the organization of information and other usability factors that may contribute to user experience

Our complete grading criteria for evidence and usability are embedded in the review.

Please note that the reviewers are not healthcare professionals, and so cannot appraise the quality of any recommendations within the app. The reviews are not endorsements.

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Figure 1


Figure 1


Ashley Jane Leonard & Shelley White

Version reviewed

5.31.0 / 8.32.0 (Apple version)

Device & OS used

Android Phone - Samsung A5 (2017), OS -7.0 / iPhone 11.2.6 

Date of review

March 6-7, 2018





Image Source: Figure 1, iTunes. ​Retrieved on March 9, 2018 from

App developer

Figure 1, Inc. cofounded by chief medical officer Dr. Joshua Landy, chief medical officer Greg Levey and chief technology officer Richard Penner.

Contact ; 


iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
iOS 9.0 or later
last updated 27 February 2018

Android OS 4.0.3 and up 
last updated 27 February 2018​

Country of origin



123.4 MB


43 specialties listed 


Consultants, specialist trainees, junior doctors, medical students, physician associates, pharmacists, and paramedics, nursing professionals and nursing students


Stated Purpose

Figure 1 allows medical professionals to crowd-source information relating to the diagnoses of difficult cases via the use of images. Users of the app may post their case (image) publicly on the app, or they may direct message other users to gain feedback. All photos being shared are HIPPA-compliant, and do not have any patient-identifying information included (the app provides guidance in how to do this). Entries can also be text-based if there are patient privacy mandates that do not allow photography of patients in any capacity.  


From the Apple Store:

“Figure 1 gives you free and instant access to thousands of real-world medical cases from healthcare professionals across 185 specialty groups and prominent institutions, including the American Cancer Society, BMJ, Doctors Without Borders, and Mount Sinai Health System. View and discuss cases you may never see in your own practice, expand your clinical knowledge, and access a community of millions of healthcare professionals.

With Figure 1, you can:
◦ Share de-identified medical cases securely and efficiently
◦ Recognize rare conditions in your patients
◦ Page specialists for real-time feedback”


From the Google Play store:

“ Figure 1 helps you:
◦ See rare medical conditions during your spare moments
◦ Follow interesting medical cases as they unfold
◦ Quickly sharpen your medical knowledge”

Allows for medical professionals to connect with:
“Doctors and nurses at world-renowned hospitals in more than 190 countries
◦ Healthcare professionals practicing in extreme trauma units, refugee camps, and remote areas of the world
◦ Organisations like Doctors Without Borders, Mount Sinai Hospital, BMJ, and Massachusetts General Hospital”

Notes None


Part 1: Editorial committee, content updates, and evidence grading

No information is provided about the editorial committee; only information relating to the co-founders of the App is listed.

Part 2: Source and authorship information for 3 entries

Although there are some limitations to what can be “publically” verified in relation to the contributors to the application, the credentials of the medical professionals using the app are verified behind the scenes by the Figure1 Verification Team, and their affiliations are reviewed.  Users must provide their licensing information, as well as their institutional affiliation. Publicly, the medical specialty of all users is visible, which allows for those specialists from around the world to crowdsource and provide input to help solve an unusual case or make comments about a case to help further EBP.

Organization of  information: 

The information is organized by medical specialty, such as Oncology, Pathology, General Surgery, etc. as well as by anatomy.


From the Home Page there is a navigation menu at the bottom of the screen that allows you to select the “home” screen. You can also “Browse” through cases by anatomy or specialty. If you have set up your “Notifications”, you can also do this from the Home Page, as well as look at or edit your Profile. It is also possible to browse through recently uploaded cases or cases being currently discussed.


The user is able to set up notifications when cases come in within their specialty of interest. They are also able to follow specific cases they come across in the event there are updates to the comment stream. You are able to “share a case” with a co-worker (forward on the entry) or “Page a specialist” to help you with a time-sensitive case you are currently working on. You can also save specific cases that you may be interested in. You also have the option of following users within the app (and to have followers of your own)

Internet connection required for use: Yes; Text search field: Yes; Browsable content: Yes; Advertisements: No; Pop-up advertisements: No; In-app purchases: No